Thank you for taking the time to come here and read a little more about my little handmade world. My name is Naomi and I am the who behind Ziggy High Design.


Before I started Ziggy High Design, I worked for almost 10 years in the fast paced and tiresome corporate world of finance in Brand Licensing and Corporate banking, but my creative, deep thinking and sensitive introverted personality wasn't at ease. 12 hour days trapped behind a desk everyday left me feeling flat and my creative heart yearning for something more. After spending 6 months traveling through India, Asia and Nepal and losing my mother to Suicide during that trip, I returned and decided that a new direction towards a more creative life was the only way for me, but I wasn't sure what. I continued working in the finance industry I crafted and made art in my spare time and one day while chatting to friend I made a joke about having a women's clothing label called Ziggy High.

My great grandfather was a tailor in Malta and my grandmother taught me to sew drafting my very own pattern before I even started school. My mother was also an avid crafter and sewer and from as long as I can remember craft was always around me.

I had a very disrupted childhood my mother suffered from mental illness at times and I spent many years moving around I went to 6 primary schools and 5 high schools. I lived with family and in foster care and was even homeless at times as a teenager, unfortunately I missed out on many days, weeks and months of school at a time. Despite this chaos I also was blessed to experience so much joy, love and beauty and art and creative space was always available to me. I have so many fond memories of time spent with my mother and grandmother making stuff and learning crafts of sewing, crochet, painting and embroidery.

So even though against the odds and with a hell of a lot of hard work I took myself down the path of the corporate world trying to build a life for myself with security beyond what was expected from many who may have lived a childhood like mine. It is not surprising at all that I have found myself back in a creative space that brings me joy beyond measure…. Making Stuff
It wasn't until after my daughter was born, I was on extended maternity leave from the corporate world working from home as virtual assistant I decided it was time to start my own business.

I had a little hobby page making wall art and sweet little decor pieces and participated in Facebook showcases and I was selling my grandmothers massive collection of vintage fabrics online. All the vintage fabrics and creations I was seeing excited me and I even though I had told myself I could not sew properly I had a sewing machine and I decided to make a pair of pants out of an old vintage sheets for my daughter it was then that I was inspired to create children clothing and decor and the fly away comment of Ziggy High became a reality.